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Nurse Needed for Sleep Research Study!

The Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine has an available position for a part-time/hourly REGISTERED NURSE for DAYTIME and/or NIGHTTIME shifts. Candidates must be proficient in establishing and maintaining an IV line, collection of serial blood samples at specific times (PK Samples) and able to process blood samples. Read more about this exciting position including information on how to apply.

Recent Publications

Stanford has driven considerable growth in sleep research and treatment.  The many research labs that comprise the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine study all aspects of sleep ranging from genetic studies to informatics. Read more about some of our findings that have been recently published.

Message from the Director

“Sleep restores not only the brain but also the entire body, and sleep disorders have important connections with all areas of medicine.”



Read about Watson,
Dr Mignot's Narcoleptic Puppy


About the Sleep Center

Read more about our innovative program that combines research, clinical and educational programs to advance the field of sleep medicine and improve patient care.

NSF Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. Emmanuel Mignot is this year's recipient of the National Sleep Foundation's (NSF) Life Time Achievement Award. To celebrate, there will be a CME Conference on March 6th, 2015 at Stanford University. On-line registration is now open!

Learn More about Dr. Pasca

Dr. Pasca, who recently joined the Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine was the topic of a Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative article.



Donate to the Sleep Program

However, the field is still young and less widely recognized than more established areas of medicine. Vital work is needed, but funding from traditional sources is limited. Donate to the program to help us expand sleep research and patient care.

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